Hillary Clinton talks Trump, Graham, Sanders and sexuality in new Howard Stern interview

From then on, her political aspirations would forever be tied to her charismatic partner — when it came to both his triumphs and his missteps. But even before she met Bill, Hillary had already learned to be stoic. For years, pundits have called Hillary a cipher. Supporters have interpreted those moments when the wheels spin in her head as thoughtfulness. Critics have called it calculation. For all the speculation, Hillary Clinton is still widely perceived to be unknowable. She spins a wild political tale that involves a certain lascivious New York City billionaire, a bizarre leg-shaving scandal and Silicon Valley orgies. The author, who broke out with her debut Prep, has tackled a similar project before: in , she published American Wife , in which a First Lady named Alice Blackwell — reminiscent of Laura Bush — attempts to explain why she, a book-smart woman who was raised a Democrat, stands silently by her militant President husband as the Iraq War spins out of control. But Rodham, her seventh book, gleefully abandons biographical analysis for thought experimentation. Unlike American Wife, which delved into traumas the real Bush experienced early in her life to explain her psychology, Rodham introduces a Hillary almost fully formed, at law school.

Hillary & Bill Clinton’s Relationship Timeline: From Law School To Life After Politics

Hillary is a four-hour documentary that explores Hillary Clinton’s legacy as a First Lady turned Senator, Secretary of State, and presidential candidate. As the documentary shows repeatedly, it’s impossible to tell the story of Hillary Clinton without also speaking about her marriage to Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States. Hillary’s high-profile marriage to Bill provided a platform from which she launched her own political career—but the marriage also gave her a series of scandals that would haunt her for years.

The most notorious scandal, of course, was his affair with then year-old Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern. Their sexual relationship spanned from to , and it led to his impeachment.

The new Hulu documentary “Hillary” explores Hillary Clinton’s career, about my life and future,” Hill recalled in her book, Living History.

By Maureen Dowd. T he sensational, spidery plot of the most gripping game of thrones in modern history is best captured by two images. The first is from Donald J. The second, more sinister image is from the St. We are in the final days of the first presidential contest between two New Yorkers in 72 years, since Thomas Dewey ran against Franklin D. In this historically dreadful and mesmerizing election, which could lead to the death of the Republican Party and the ideological makeover of the Democratic Party, the New York aspect has been largely overshadowed.

White wrote, a gladiator and a promoter can come together in a city vibrating with great undertakings. It is a tale of power, influence, class, society and ambition that might have intrigued Edith Wharton, whose family once owned a grand home down the block from what is now Trump Tower. When they arrived, the Clintons found a lot of raw nerve endings among the moneyed elite, who were bitterly divided following Bush v. Although wealthy Democrats and Republicans in New York have largely united around Hillary this time, business executives were more suspicious of Gore than they were of the Clintons.

In those days, Democrats were complaining that the election had been stolen from them, and Republicans were whinging that it had almost been stolen from them. Hillary knew she should not be seen as a Manhattan insider, so just as Bobby chose Long Island as his base, she chose Westchester. She recast herself as a Yankees-loving New Yorker in the city and a Chicago-born daughter of the Great Lakes when she campaigned upstate.

Hillary Clinton through the years

Their immediate family was the First Family of the United States from to In , Hillary Clinton became the first female presidential nominee from a major political party in United States history. The Clintons Bill and Hillary are the first married couple to each be nominated for president. February 27, — May 17, , was a traveling heavy equipment salesman who died in a car crash three months before Bill was born.

A look inside the complex relationship between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, 2 of the most powerful people on the planet. David Choi and.

Among the highest goals to be achieved by political feminism, a female US president has held an elusive but prominent place. It argues that if Clinton had been more committed to the truth-telling principles and practices, her presidential campaign would have been a substantial contribution to historical and political feminism. Hillary Clinton, though her capacity to represent feminism is not unquestionable, came forward as the first woman presidential candidate of a major party and pursued a feminist- and LQBT-friendly campaign.

To incorporate the neglected experiences and discourses of women into the mainstream practices of high and low politics by a feminist American president would have repercussions not only for the US, but the rest of the world as well. High politics with issue areas such as foreign policy and security are more directly related to the survival of the state and generally exclude women, their discourse and values from the policy-making procedures.

A woman president would have integrated both the high and the low politics in the way to make feminism influential even, or especially, in matters of survival.

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From real estate mogul to commander in chief, the New York businessman’s rise to the presidency. All rights reserved. Hillary Rodham gave the commencement address at her graduation from Wellesley College in She later attended Yale Law School. Capitol in Washington, D.

‘Can’t be another woulda coulda shoulda election’: Hillary Clinton reflects on Four years after she made history as the first woman nominated for other women while enduring attacks dating from her time as first lady in the.

By Nate Silver. Greetings, citizens of Earth 1! And I really do mean just a few more: On Earth 2, Clinton won 0. Things are really different on Earth 2! Kellyanne Conway has a CNN show. There are a lot of things that you, citizen of Earth 1, can probably infer about what life is like over here. And the “laws” of political science — subject as they are to being broken now and again — are still largely intact. As your president would say : Enjoy!

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Gulping for air, I started crying and yelling at him, ‘What do you mean? What are you saying? Why did you lie to me? It appears in leaked extracts from her much anticipated memoir Living History , due out on Monday, in which Mrs Clinton recounts her life story, including her anguish and fury over the affair. She recalls another conversation eight months earlier on the morning of January 21st, , when her husband sat on the edge of the bed and told her the Lewinsky story was coming out and it wasn’t true.

For eight months she was in denial as the media splashed the story almost daily.

The Clinton family is an American political family related to Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States (–), and his wife Hillary Clinton, one of Bill Clinton’s siblings to have been raised with him and have a close relationship with him. “Hillary Clinton Makes History By Claiming Democratic Presidential.

Skip navigation! Story from News. Hulu’s hotly-anticipated documentary about Hillary Clinton debuts on the streaming service Friday, and it’s a very deep and personal look at a woman who helped shape American politics. Hillary features stories about everything from the former Secretary of State’s childhood, her marriage and family, and her heartbreaking loss during the election.

Needless to say, the docuseries covers a lot of ground — and it includes interviews from everyone close to the former First Lady. Not only was Clinton interviewed in a very raw look at her life, Hillary also features interviews with people like President Barack Obama and, of course, President Bill Clinton. October 11, Bill and Hillary get married.

Clinton family

Subscriber Account active since. Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton react to the crowd as she endorses Obama in person and campaigns with him for the first time in the town of Unity, New Hampshire, June 27, That’s why I know Hillary will be so good at it. I don’t think anyone has been more qualified for this office,” Obama said.

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The story of their transactional relationship offers a window on Donald Trump, Bill and Hillary Clinton and Melania Trump at the The sensational, spidery plot of the most gripping game of thrones in modern history is best.

Hillary Clinton was born in Chicago and went on to earn her law degree from Yale University. She later served as first lady from to , and then as a U. In early , Clinton announced her plans to run for the presidency. During the Democratic primaries, she conceded the nomination when it became apparent that Barack Obama held a majority of the delegate vote.

After winning the national election, Obama appointed Clinton secretary of state. She was sworn in as part of his cabinet in January and served until

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Subscriber Account active since. Hillary and Bill Clinton are arguably one of the most well-known couples in the public eye. The two have been together for nearly 50 years, and have been involved in the political sphere for about as long, both on a state and national scale. From major campaign wins to the growth of their family — here is a complete timeline of their relationship.

The future President and First Lady of the United States met in while studying together at Yale Law School, with their official meet happening at the library. At the Democratic National Convention, Bill shared the story of how he met Hillary at the Yale University Library after noticing her in class, saying, “She exuded this sense of strength and self-possession that I found magnetic.

Hillary Clinton attended Donald Trump’s third wedding. Trump has contributed to Clinton’s past campaigns and her husband’s foundation.

No incoming U. Donald Trump, meanwhile, has made a series of contradictory statements on the country. This post originally appeared in India Today. The field is set. With the formal anointing of party nominees at the Republican and Democratic Party conventions in July, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is certain to be the next U. This match-up is remarkable for several reasons. Trump would be the first U.

Clinton would be the first female president. Both are among the most divisive candidates in recent history, with high negative ratings-even within their own parties. The degree of comfort in working-level relations between the two governments and militaries, the presence of the Indian-American community, and several areas of natural economic and strategic convergence mean that the foundations of the India-U. In that sense, a presidential transition in Washington will have only a limited effect on bilateral ties.

First Lady Biography: Hillary Clinton

Hugh Ellsworth Rodham, born , April 2, Scranton, Pennsylvania, graduate of Pennsylvania State University, small textile supply owner; died, April 7, , in Little Rock, Arkansas The second of three sons, Hugh Rodham was the first in his family to attend and graduate from college, able to attend Penn State University on a football scholarship. Upon graduation, he found work as a travelling salesman of drapery fabrics through the upper-Midwest. He met Dorothy Howell, who was working as a company clerk typist and after a lengthy courtship they married and moved into a one-bedroom Chicago apartment.

Navy, stationed at the Great Lakes Naval Station, an hour outside of Chicago, where he worked as a chief petty officer. He oversaw sailor training. After the war, he began his own small, independent drape and fabric printing business in downtown Chicago.

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, which coincided with Wonder probes Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for president in terms of women’s historical 20 Olive Byrne, the niece of Sanger, was the girlfriend of the Harvard-trained.

Hillary Clinton and I were going to Zoom. Not six months ago, when the video-communication platform was practically unheard of and the prospect of real life being replaced by some locked-down Zoomtopia would have been laughed off as preposterously far-fetched. That warmth and humour would have come as a surprise, had I not spent the previous days immersed in Hillary , a four-part documentary that sheds more light than ever on one of the most opaque and divisive women in public life.

The story of Hillary Diane Rodham — raised alongside her younger brothers, Tony and Hugh, in the Chicago suburb of Park Ridge by her prosperous fabric-store-owner father and stay-at-home mother — is one of ambition and grit, misjudgments and misogyny. Credit: Getty Images. Four years earlier, civil servant Paula Jones had accused the president of sexual harassment, and three further women — Juanita Broaddrick, Leslie Millwee and Kathleen Willey — have subsequently come forward with sexual-misconduct allegations against him, all of which he has denied.

But today, as in the documentary, Hillary sounds more serene than bitter — and bemused by our enduring fascination with their relationship.

Hillary Clinton

But love it or hate it, the series makes clear that Hillary Clinton really understands herself — her strengths, her vulnerabilities, her mistakes. Unlike the Bushes, who, in their lack of introspection, are just boring, the Clintons are endlessly fascinating. They have dominated so much of recent American political life and had so many bizarre ups and downs that they have captured a permanent place in our national psyche.

Because Hillary came of age in the late s, a moment when American women were making unprecedented professional strides — and encountering unprecedented backlash — she has come to be a kind of living, breathing Rorschach blot. Americans look at her and see all the positive and negative feelings they have about feminism, gender equality and, yes, even marriage.

She might as well have been taking about her place in history.

Thus begins the ‘special relationship’ between the two, though Clinton is clearly the senior partner with Blair seeking his advice on Northern Ireland.

Hillary Clinton has never been afraid to call out Vladimir Putin, but she never expected Russia’s vengeance to be so damaging. In January while debating another candidate for the Democrats’ presidential race, Bernie Sanders, Ms Clinton was asked about her relationship with Mr Putin. We’ve had some very tough dealings with one another,” she said with a little smile. For the last seven years, Ms Clinton and Mr Putin have been in a tit-for-tat battle of words, with their language sometimes becoming quite heated.

The two first encountered each other in an official capacity while Ms Clinton was serving as secretary of state, and Mr Putin was taking some time off from being president of Russia by being prime minister of Russia. Though he was frustrated by being constitutionally relegated to the number two job behind his sidekick Dmitry Medvedev, the Russian people were generally supportive of him and he felt like a man on top.

When Ms Clinton and Mr Putin met, she thought he was trying to establish dominance and she called it “manspreading”. She said he took her into his inner sanctum and showed her a map of the places he was intending to tag polar bears. He asked her to extend an invitation to her husband Bill to come along. But things really heated up while Mr Putin was attempting to transition back into the presidency in

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