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Do you every come across Stangl pottery? My first set of dishes was Stangl and I kept a place setting. Then I inherited some pieces from my grandmother. She used to have a cake plate, cup and saucer of different patterns to use for her card playing group and that’s what I have now. As a child I remember going to Flemington, NJ with my mother and grandmother and visiting the factory where they would purchase seconds. It would have been the early 50s. Anyway, I only rarely come across any pieces now, but I’m in Texas and it was made on the east coast. My Grandma had alot of Glasbake in her kitchen, so it’s near and dear to me! Thanks so much for this great post! I always think Glasbake is so under rated..

Glasbake Ovenware: What is it, who made it?

The McKee Company was a long standing glass company out of the Pittsburgh region, and it was in the early days that it was spelled, Glasbak. In the spelling changed to Glasbake, and Ware was dropped from the name remaining this way through to This is another tip for identifying the who and when of an authentic McKee piece. Back when Sunday dinner meant pulling out all the stops, pieces like the meat platter certainly made cooking, serving, and clean up a seamless process.

Here is a full view of the Glasbake meat platter mentioned above.

Dating glasbake. Delphite Glass Tiffin Glass Company AGE PRODUCTION COLOR PATTERN Clear Glass Hobbies Coin Operated Machines Game Room.

Most Fire-King pieces were marked, but some were not marked. Marks were changed over time. During these transitions more than one mark would be used. The style of anchor logo may help establish the manufacture period. Any long-running highly produced pattern will go through a number of different moulds. Moulds acquire cumulative layers of glass with each use until they are finally rendered useless and new moulds have to be made.

At that time, any new management decisions about how the new pieces ought to be marked will be implemented. Not all moulds with a particular mark will wear out at the same time, so for brief periods, two or more kinds will be used at once. One solution to this confusion was to stop mould marks altogether and switch to foil labels — which were eventually removed by consumers. The fakes are very thick, with a rough, grainy texture and do not include a sugar lid.

Fire-King call this glass heat proof.

Currier and Ives Dishes

The various firms they were involved in, and the history and timelines are highly confusing and incomplete. Hawkins published McKee and Company. They went out of business in about They produced cut glass, vials, bottles, pressed, and other types of glassware as well as window glass.

Glasbake 1/2 – Pat’nd & Dated Pie Plate – · Glasbake 1/2 – Pa $ tipp-eclectics · Glasbake – Au Gratin Dish · Glasbake – Au Gr.

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McKee Glass

If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please contact us here to flag it for review. If it does, it may not withstand the microwave. Hazardous during production, but not known Dating glasbake leach any chemicals that are suspected of causing cancer or disrupting hormones. To add further confusion to the story, there are other companies Stetson China Co.? And how do I know how old it is and what it is worth?

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Nathaniel Currier apprenticed in a lithography shop at age 15 and afterwards set up his own successful lithography shop. But he suffered from bouts of depression brought on by personal tragedy such as the loss of his first wife and later the death of a child and his business suffered because of this. He was introduced to James Merritt Ives in and hired him as a bookkeeper. Ives reorganized the business and brought even greater success and they became partners in They billed themselves as “Publishers of Cheap and Popular Pictures” and produced many categories of prints designed to appeal to the public.

Royal opened in At first they produced mostly overglaze decal ware. An overglaze or decal is applied on top of the glaze and then fired. The problem with overglaze is that because it is on top of the glaze it tends to wear off with time.

How to Collect Fire-King Glass

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Dating glasbake. Date:7 June | Author: Admin. Dating glasbake. McKee Glasbake Milkglass at Replacements Ltd. Note the. Register and search over.

All that really matters is if you like the pattern. This article is not to suggest that any of the patterns listed here should NOT be collected – in fact, some of these non-Pyrex pieces are favourites of ours or are extremely collectible. Second – one of the best ways you can immediately tell whether or not a piece of glass is Pyrex or not is to look for the stamp on the bottom. Corning was fairly good about marking the majority of their pieces as Pyrex in some way on the bottom – although this is not always the rule, especially with glass made for 3rd party companies.

What makes this pattern particularly tough to identify is that we believe that none of the pieces are marked on the bottom with anything at all. The pattern is slate blue trees with green interior branches along with green trees with black interior branches, and light blue flowers with dark centers. The only way we knew it was Fire King was from finding the pattern after searching on eBay and because of the shape of the handles.

To add further confusion to the story, there are other companies Stetson China Co.? Blue Heaven dates from the s and was produced on items like casseroles, loaf pans, bowls and mugs.

McKee Glass

Note the. Register and search over million singles chat. H is For Home has a really great post on the history of Cathrineholm pieces.

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The various firms they were involved in, and the history and timelines are highly confusing and incomplete. Hawkins published McKee and Company. They went out of business in about They produced cut glass, vials, bottles, pressed, and other types of glassware as well as window glass. A wide variety of early pressed glass tableware patterns and novelties were made by this firm, especially throughout the s, s, s and s.

Window glass was also produced, at least during the early years at Jeannette. McKee also made industrial glassware, as I have received information from Mark Ounan indicating they produced automotive glass headlight lenses in the c. Please click here to go to my website Home Page. Do you know what the daisy pattern name is for this? Also have a question on content — in the sun it sparkles and refracts light like rainbows — so many colors!

I originally thought it might be Flint glass, because of the colors, but not so sure now. I have the flour and sugar with the girl watering, but the flowers do not have the pink in the flowers.

S. McKee & Company / McKee Glass Company

Lovely collection you have there! And thank you for the links and info. I’m a budding collector, and it’s great to find online communities of like-minded people. Hear, hear for the overlooked Glasbake!

Glasbake Kitchen Collectibles: McKee’s Ovenware In The McKee Glass Company introduced “Glasbake Ovenware to I am trying to date a Glasbak oval casserole dish that has “GlasBake ” on the bottom.

Looking fresh from decades ago, a pair of vintage Jeannette Glasbake 1 pint refrigerator dishes, one dish in blue the other in burgundy. Perfect for storing leftovers, these glass storage dishes measure approx. No nicks, chips, or cracks. Both marked on the underside Made in U. Have any questions or concerns? Message me here! Tags: s , s.

If she loves cameos, she is sure to love this! I love this time of year as it always brings me to think of Christmases of long ago and memories treasured throughout the years. Whether you’re looking to reconnect with old memories or create new ones in vintage Christmas style, I’ve got a growing selection of ornaments and other Christmas decorations, gift wrapping paper and gift cards dating to the s, ’60s, ’70s, and a few newer ones as well.

These large feather light ornaments are just a sampling of the awesomeness you’ll find!

Vintage Jeannette Glasbake 1 Pint Refrigerator Dish Pr – Blue Burgundy

Glasbak was specifically designed to compete with the Pyrex product line, which was created by Corning Glass Works and enjoying major success at the time. In the first half of the 20 th century, women all around the world were pushing for modernized kitchens. Housewives were looking for kitchen products that saved time — and glass bakeware provided notable solutions. The idea was that the same dish could be used to cook, serve, and store meals.

With all glass bakeware, and particularly with vintage or antique glass bakeware , you should proceed with care.

with Herb Pattern. and across widest part of oval. scratches from use (one side of the graphic has more heavy scratches, the other side is minimal).

Created by Anchor Hocking, it is similar to Pyrex. Its formulation has changed over time; today it is made of tempered soda-lime-silicate glass. While Fire-King isn’t a high-end collectible, some rarer pieces are worth a good deal of money. The popularity of Fire-King’s Jade-ite, an opaque green glass produced from the lates through the lates, got quite a bit of fuel from Martha Stewart in the mids when a kitchen lined with this dinnerware and utilitarian kitchen glass first appeared in her magazine spreads.

That, combined with a glimpse of the collection on her television programs from time to time, led to quite a Fire-King collecting frenzy. Prices rose at the time to rival many scarce Depression glass patterns. However, some pieces of green restaurant ware are truly hard to find and still command quite a high price from collectible glass enthusiasts. Anchor Hocking made a wide range of Fire-King branded wares The square Charm dinnerware pattern, which was produced in Jade-ite in limited quantities, came predominantly in opaque pale blue Azur-ite, Forest Green, and Royal Ruby.

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